Hip Hop and rap have a rich history and culture that dates back to the 70’s and 80’s. It started as the street music in New York but gradually evolved into a mainstream music genre. Many artists across the world are joining the hip hop and rap bandwagon to create some outstanding music but CRSWHT is no bandwagon jumper, he has the original hip hop feel and through the music-sharing platform of Soundcloud which has seen a boost in hip hop and rap music. CRSWHT has taken the music industry by storm with his latest hip hop and rap song – “AMG ”. This song has a distinguished sound that is incomparable. Along with that, the voice of the artist creates a melodious harmony.

Like expected, his song has all the old as well as the modern qualities of hip hop and rap. The creator, CRSWHT can be compared with a true hero contributing to this genre. His stylish music is slightly edgy with minute beats that works wonderfully in making “AMG” a true artistic piece. The musical simplicity creates the perfect mood for listening to this particular audio. Once you start listening to this song, you wouldn’t be able to stop as it has flowing tunes and ideas. Chris Whyte aka CRSWHT is a brand new artist straight out of Brooklyn. He has performed with some of the greatest musicians like – Lil Wayne, French Montana, Future, Genuine, G Unit and several others.

The music by CRSWHT guarantees fans to find something new every time they listen to him. Apart from creating amazing hip hop and rap music, he is also into pop, trap and mb. With his superbly distinguished sound creation, he is simply incomparable to any other artist. Apart from his music sense, the artist is well-endowed with a strong vocal ability. Fans of CRSWHT can listen to his song – “amg’ ON ALL MUSIC PLATFORMS BY TYPING IN ‘Crswht’. They can also connect with him on Facebook and Instagram.

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